Most common questions agents ask when they call tech support

Do you remember the last time you reached out for tech support? Did you need help setting up your email to forward to another account? Or was your printer acting up, refusing to print?


Tech Helpline, real estate’s No. 1 tech support service, now serves more than 700,000 Realtors in North America. And the most common questions real estate agents ask when they call Tech Helpline focus on these five areas: email, printers, software/applications, other technology hardware, and operating systems.


Let’s look at the most frequent tech challenges agents experience and then turn to Tech Helpline to fix:


  1. Email

Agents know that most email programs, like Gmail and Outlook, give you the ability to set up rules to manage your email. However, creating an email rule, such as having an email route automatically to a specific folder or triggering an automated reply, can be tricky. Most email programs also offer the ability to add a signature. Yet, setting up your custom signature with an image or logo takes some skill, as does modifying a signature someone else set up for you.


Another challenge agents have with email is making sure certain emails forward automatically to another email address. Setting up a Microsoft Exchange email account and resolving email synching issues can be particularly challenging to a tech novice. Fortunately, for every one of these issues, Tech Helpline can help.


  1. Printer

Another common tech problem is simply getting one’s printer to print. Issues can be related to connectivity, particularly with Bluetooth-enabled printers. Getting an error message and not knowing how to resolve it can also slow down an agent’s workflow.


Using a multifunction printer with built-in scanners is great until it won’t scan. Finally, installing a new printer or an old printer on a new computer can have its challenges, including what to do when you learn you are missing a printer driver. The good news is that tech Helpline’s team is ready to help you resolve any of your printer issues.


  1. Software /Applications

As a modern real estate agent, you are probably using more technology today than ever before. That also means you are likely to use more types of software, but you are also looking for some help more often.


Software that agents call into Tech Helpline for assistance in navigating includes QuickBooks,

Zoom, Dropbox, and One Drive. The other software that commonly generates pleas for help is Adobe Flash. Agents should be pleased to hear that newer technology has primarily replaced Adobe Flash, and Adobe no longer supports Adobe Flash Player. But Tech Helpline’s team can help agents resolve a wide range of software issues, including those related to Adobe Flash.


  1. Problems with other hardware

While agents and brokers often reach out to Tech Helpline to resolve laptop and desktop computer issues, this team of highly-experienced tech analysts supports a wide range of other hardware technology.


For example, the use of Zoom and other video conference call tools escalated challenges with audio issues. Fortunately, Tech Helpline can assist in making sure you can hear others, and they can hear you on your video conference calls.


Tech analysts also are willing to provide guidance on what other hardware you should consider when shopping for headphones, which type of microphone works best for your needs, and as well as external webcams that prove to be easy to connect and reliable.


Another common challenge agents call tech support to get assistance with are hard drive related problems. For example, if your computer ever crashes, Tech Helpline’s experts are ready to help you recover your lost files. And if your monitor starts glitching out, before you order a new one, reach out to Tech Helpline for troubleshooting steps to see if you can save the monitor that’s not working right.


  1. Operating Systems

Has your computer ever updated its operating system, and when you turn it on, it’s not the same layout as the day before? Do you feel lost? Or suddenly, a program you have been using won’t open? Calls to Tech Helpline about OS or Operating System challenges are common.


Window Updates often make the phones ring at Tech Helpline, but the good news is you can reach out to get personal assistance to get you back on track. And it’s not just computer operating systems that the tech analysts can support. So, for example, if you have an app on your iPhone or Android phone that keeps on crashing, they can help.


Spring tech cleaning is another service Tech Helpline provides – and you don’t have to wait until Spring! If your phone is cluttered with apps you don’t use, and you want to quickly clean up your screen, reaching out to Tech Helpline is all you need to do.


Finally, one of the scariest tech experiences you can have is when you get a computer error that freezes your computer – or worse, when your laptop or desktop won’t reboot. When this happens, thankfully, Tech Helpline is ready to help you, just like other calls they’ve fielded from agents and brokers to get you back up and running.


Tech Helpline’s Orlando, Florida-based technology advisors, have 350+ years of combined IT experience.

If your MLS or Association does not offer Tech Helpline as a member benefit, encourage your leadership to check out to make sure that you can call, click or chat live to get access to the best tech support for real estate pros.



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